The Rose Cottage

The Gift of Serenity

The dream for Rose Cottage was sparked in my heart in 2003 while sitting on my patio. I saw women connecting with each other and/or with God in a peaceful, serene cottage atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of life. After years of searching, one day I drove down a wrong street to come across a home that would be Rose Cottage. Following hurdles, trials and turmoil, we received the property in 2006 and began to remodel. My dream journey for the cottage has had many challenges, but through much prayer and patience, I have watched the dream unfold and the journey has been very rewarding. Lives are being changed and needs are being met. People are connecting and finding a place where they too can dream. Through the journey of Rose Cottage, the Lord has encouraged me to inspire others to follow their dreams. Wherever you are in your journey, God has something He wants to accomplish through you. Through our dreams, God can use us for His purpose of loving others.
Through Rose Cottage Ministries, Dana Stubbs is dedicated to providing a quiet haven where you can build up your spirit, dream, or celebrate special occasions. Plan a day to escape the busyness of life and allow Rose Cottage to minister to you or your group.