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What People are Saying about the Cottage

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Community Spirit Magazine

Dana's journey to fulfilling this dream is now inspiring others to search for theirs. She now speaks to groups, encouraging people to seek and follow their dream...Our community is a better place because of this little house called the Rose Cottage. It is also a better place because Dana Stubbs, a woman who dared to pursue a very big, seemingly crazy dream and turned it into something you can enjoy.

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Mom and Daughter Connect

If heaven was a pie we just got a piece. Time just stops and your in the realm of heaven. We had heart connection above and beyond. This place is saturated by His presence and set apart for His glory. We came and stepped into His presence. These were comments a mother and her 10 yr old daughter gave after having a 2 day mother/daughter retreat at the cottage. They now want it to be a yearly connection. 
What did they do? The mom sowed time into their relationship through some training on becoming a woman along with fun activities and time in the gardens. If you would like more info on retreating with your daughter give me a call. The Lord has prepared a place for you!

Mother and Daughter refresh after loss.j

Healing in Difficult Times

These two ladies came to the cottage with heavy hearts grieving for a loved one they had lost. As they had lunch and tea together they experienced Gods peace and love abiding with them. His healing presence ministered to them during their stay. The cottage is here for you to retreat, connect with others, celebrate but also to heal. If you are walking through grief or know someone who is come to the cottage and allow the Lord to refresh and bring some healing.

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