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The Rose

The Gift of Serenity

The dream for Rose Cottage was sparked in my heart in 2003 while sitting on my patio. I saw women connecting with each other and/or with God in a peaceful, serene cottage atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of life. After years of searching, one day I drove down a wrong street to come across a home that would be Rose Cottage. Following numerous challenges and turmoil, we received the property in 2006 and began to remodel. Through many peaks and valleys, I have watched the dream unfold and the journey has been very rewarding. Lives are being changed and needs are being met. People are connecting and finding a place where they too can dream. The Lord has encouraged me to inspire others to follow their dreams. Wherever you are in your journey, God has something He wants to accomplish through you. Through our dreams, God can use us for His purpose of loving others.

The testimonies of people over the years who have experienced God’s love and healing while at the Rose Cottage has far exceeded my vision of what happens when people connect with their Savior and with one another.


There are a variety of ways to connect with friends and family at the Rose Cottage.   



  • retreats

  • birthdays

  • showers

  • holiday events

  • luncheons

  • prayer groups

  • Bible Study’s

  • meetings

  • author space

  • Couples Dinner

  • Legacy

  • Day & Night Retreats

The cottage provides all the needs to host your connection event except for food.  We can help with all the details to make your time of connection go smoothly.  Plan a day or longer at the Rose Cottage to escape the busyness of life and the cares of the outside world and allow this peaceful haven to minister the peace of God to you or your group.

Day or Night Retreats

Truly a Heaven touching Earth atmosphere at the Rose Cottage.  Surrounded by the Master’s artistry, bask in the beauty of nature He created for you to enjoy.  Experience peace and relaxation with all the comforts of home.  Surrounded by warm and calming décor, treat yourself or your group to delightful teas and coffee and feel free to bring your own food too. There is a full kitchen that provides what you need for your time of respite or small group gathering. And when there’s a nip in the air, warm yourself by the charming Cottage fireplace.  Take an inspiring walk in the beautiful prayer gardens where you can find encouragement and healing through God’s Word at each prayer station. This is your get-away place close to home.


Legacy Weekends

Legacy Weekend is a time to get away and intentionally connect with your daughter on a heart level.  These weekends provide a space for your maturing daughter(s) who are coming into a season of change, helping them to embrace the beauty of what it means to be a woman and most importantly, a woman of God.  Imparting wisdom and encouragement for your daughter as she walks out her God given purpose, reassuring her that she never walks alone on her journey.  The Cottage provides an atmosphere of warmth, peace and serenity for mothers, grandmothers, spiritual-mothers and daughters to foster that heart connection.  These weekends create space for priceless opportunities that will build life-long memories.


For more information on how to create your special Legacy Weekend contact us.


Prayer Gardens

The Connection Ministry has developed a little over an acre of beautiful prayer gardens for you to come and enjoy. There are prayer stations throughout the garden where you can rest, reflect, pray, and bask in the beauty of God’s creation.  Connection Ministry has teamed with One River Ministry who has added these reflective prayer stations where you can dwell in God’s presence and go deeper in meditative prayer. The gardens are open during daylight hours. Offerings are received for the maintenance of the gardens.  

Check Calendar for availability and then text when you are coming to 918.230.8274

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